Our newest feature is here. The infamous Burn Graves. Learn more about how these work below.

In honor of the BurnsGiving, we will be starting our first BURN GRAVES, seasonal NFT only graves that allow users to speed up their NFT mint times by burning Zombie Tokens.

How Do They Work exactly?..

These GRAVES operate much the same way as our regular NFT ONLY graves- but with a catch.

After deposit, you may choose to speed up your minting time by burning addition zombie. The choice is yours as to how much you want to speed the timer.

These graves are all considered SPECIAL NFTs.

As they will only be open through the end of the year, choosing to burn ZMBE will give you the ability to mint more than 1 copy.


We like to answer “why” questions. As these GRAVES offer no emissions and are NFT only, the financial incentives to stake for these NFTs are less than that of our traditional graves. Therefore, these NFTs will receive higher prized abilities and functionality in our game.

Additionally, the minting times and availability of the BURN GRAVES will be overlapping, meaning that in order to earn at least 1 of these NFTs, a user will necessarily need to burn ZMBE. The more ZMBE you burn, the faster you get the NFT and the more of the NFT you can acquire.

It also helps control the supply, so you know, be a good zombie!

About the NFTs

Bitconnnnneccct Rare

Burnsgiving Season 1 is an homage to that infamous moment in crypto history with THE Carlos Matos, Trayvon James and more.

Have fun kids and stay safe out there!

Video Walkthrough HERE.



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