Bored to Death: New Grave Coming!

Bored to Death


Bear or Bull, our team continues to build. Unfortunately during the midst of a downturned market, we may see an increase in rug-pulls and scams due to the final capitulations of projects that don’t have enough reserves or bandwidth to continue their web3 products in a market like this.

This means a steady amount of work for our team. Things are picking up for the interns over in the Zombie Basement.

Introducing our BAYC Grave: About the Attack

We know what you are thinking. Where is the rug pull here? Remember, RugZombie does not only seek to commemorate rug pulls proper, but we also deal with scams, hacks, and exploits.

Recently, there has been an increase in phishing attacks, particularly aimed at blue chip NFT projects such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club. This project was certainly not an exploit or rug pull, however these types of attacks have targeted the BAYC community and have robbed the community of over 2 million dollars constituting a need for our team to commemorate this event.

About the Grave

This Grave will be going live soon. Please wait for more details through our telegram and twitter channels for exact time, and rug-token. Here is the basic information about the grave itself:

  • Rare: 30 Day Minting Timer, 8x Multiplier
  • Unlock Fee: 5$ (50% is burned from ZMBE supply)
  • 10 Day Early Withdrawal Fee
  • Token: We will be emitting a ztoken for this grave. Stay tuned for details on twitter/telegram
  • Artist: @jussjoshinduh

Phishing Attacks and Staying Safe

While RugZombie can’t prevent users from falling victim to social engineering attacks, we are doing our best to provide educational resources and highlighting projects we think might be good tools for our users.

To learn more about how to stay protected from these types of attacks, see our security tips article.

We want to highlight an open-source project called Wallet Guard. This project is a browser extension for brave/chrome that tells the user if the site they are on is white-listed as the legitimate site for the associated project.

RugZombie has reached out and is engaging their team to make sure our site is whitelisted, hopefully providing more ways for our users to detect scammers and be protected as they browse our various sites.

Check out their project here, and feel free to let them know via twitter you’d love to see all our associated projects whitelisted!



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