Black Eye Galaxy Spawning Pool

Is it Zom Himself?

Occasionally there comes along a project that RugZombie simply MUST collaborate with. Black Eye Galaxy is one of those projects.

A comprehensive NFT gaming ecosystem, BYG is creating a truly inspired NFT gaming ecosystem that will be cross-chain, and partner with many other projects in the space.

Rather than simply list pools for partner tokens, BYG offers partner project entire star clusters, with planets that can be terraformed in a gamified version of staking and playing.

RugZombie is proud to announce the beginning of our own Star Alliance, complete with membership NFTs for our team to offer to our community, our own stars and planets named partly by our community!

This is simply the beginning, as the stars are aligned for RugZombie and BYG to do some truly great collaborations in the future, as our interests and visions for gaming and blockchain are quite aligned.

Details on the Spawning Pool

Our Pool will be live estimated on Nov 24th, and the BYG pool will be opened for BYG owners to stake on their site soon after. Keep in mind that all elements of their platform are rich in story, so you may have to do some research before heading to their platform.

Our Spawning Pool will be live for 90 Days, and we have commissioned @ayaz_psd for this awesome piece. The Book of Zom has many stories of the fabled Eternal Zombies. Who knows if they exist at all?