April Graves Day?


We all know how big a deal that Burnsgiving is to the Zombie Culture. But did you know about April Graves?

Days like April 1st are enjoyed by Zombies worldwide who take the morning to do arts and crafts all while listening to the Zombie’s favorite ancient rock bank; Nickelback.

Yes that’s right, don’t ask us why or how, but Zombies love Nickelback.

So on this special day, we are releasing some NFTs in honor of this holiday:

UnLegendary Chompers

Dilapidated DragonFarm

Photographic Memory

These NFT ONLY Graves requires a BASIC-ZMBE NFT as the “rugged token” to acquire, meaning they will be quite rare. We will leave them up for the remainder of the month, but they will be closed down soon after that.

The Artwork

Photographic Memory was created by our very own CanadianCryptoJunkie and looks amazing.

The other 2 NFTs you will have to discover the artwork for yourself on our graves page once they go live…but our developers themselves created these truly inspired works of art!

You can find more information on our Graves at www.rugzombie.io/graves



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