A Zombie’s Digest (Past and Upcoming Announcements)

From time to time, we have moments where it seems that all our announcements come at once! This is usually due to delays/early deliveries on features or partner project announcements!

This week is one such week! If you missed all that is happening in the Zombie Horde, here is your digest, as well as a few notes for this coming week!

Looking Back

-We successfully deployed our victim pools to our main dapp page for Black Diamond Holders.

-We released our Rug Roll feature in the catacombs. Now users can roll for rare access tokens such as ZMPR and ZDIAMONDS.

-We have made some visual improvements to the app itself, and will continue to do so.

-Our CATACOMBS MYTHIC NFT is now available on the main Dapp page, as we make room in our Data Lab for another release…

-We announced our intentions to support AutoShark in their recent exploit (more information coming soon).

-Our Day of the Dead Swap is live through November 2nd

-We released a new farm on Farmageddon.farm and 2 pools for FG holders

No shortage of announcements!

Looking Forward

As November starts, we have several interesting developments coming to our platform;

  • Reduced Multipliers and Retiring Graves for November
  • New Graves coming November 5th (more info coming soon)
  • AutoShark Support Pools coming
  • New Feature (will it be the black market? the barracks? who knows?!)
  • Merchandising Announcements
  • A New Data Leak (MYTHIC NFT)
  • Supporting a new project (or relaunch of an older project) in experimental Data Lab release
  • Beta Mini-Game Release to Beta-Testers




Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead. https://linktr.ee/rugzombie

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Rug Zombie

Rug Zombie

Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead. https://linktr.ee/rugzombie

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