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Rug Zombie
Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead.

What is Bingus Network?

$BINGUS is a charity memecoin dedicated to helping animal shelters around the world. Every time this token is bought or sold a tax is taken from the seller (and a smaller one from the buyer) to fund animal shelters. The founder of the token, Mike Cerisano has set up a company in New York and is responsible for the charitable donations. When the tax is put through, part of the coin is sold for BUSD and that is what’s given to the charity. …

Octaplex Spawning Pool

What is Octaplex

Octaplex is dedicated to solving one of BSC’s biggest problems; the difficulty of picking high quality projects when there are large amounts of rug pulls, scams and low quality projects. Octaplex is creating an eco system of tokens where $PLX holders receive up to 6 different tokens and airdrops of new tokens (like $ZMBE). Anyone who holds a certain number of $PLX tokens will participate in a lottery style airdrop of researched tokens. Most of all, Octaplex is creating a network of tokens and blockchains to make mutually beneficial partnerships.

Why Octaplex

There are…

AtmosSoft Spawning Pool

What is AtmosSoft?

AtmosSoft is creating an NFT card game in the spirit of Hearthstone and Pokemon featuring Mechbots, Monsters, Mythicals and Solar Fighters. AtmosSoft is a play to earn game that allows Player vs Player and Player vs Environment Battles. It also features $ATMSSFT tokens that are used for governing the game, in-game currency, staking for passive rewards and other game usage. AtmosSoft is a BSC DeFi project with video game aspirations and neat ideas.

Why Select AtmosSoft?

AtmosSoft is one of the few NFT card games on BSC. It has a neat theme that should…

We are entering the high holiday season for Zombies. For the uninitiated, the biggest holiday celebrated by Zombies worldwide is by far Burnsgiving.

But before Burnsgiving comes Spawntemberfest, an entire season dedicated to Spawning Pool partners!

The way this holiday is traditionally celebrated is multiple spawns given as gifts to the zombie horde over a shorter period of time.

It’s nice for the little Zombie tykes to play with their new gifts for at least a day before opening the new ones, so you can expect at least 1–2 days between pools.

Our first Gift of Spawntemberfest is our MKC…

We are excited to announce another Spawning Pool with a great gaming project; Crypto Monkey Empire (and their native token, MonkeyCoin).

What is MKC and Crypto Monkey Empire?

Crypto Monkey Empire is a unique blockchain gaming experience where players steal to earn their MKC token from other player. In the words of one of their developers, “We wanted to do a game where people attack and steal each other cryptos. Play2Earn wasn’t enough : we wanted to do a Play2Steal”.

Why Select MKC?

Not only is the MKC token now live on Binance Smart Chain AND Avalanche, but the Crypto…

Sometimes, a kitty tries to bake a cake. First it gets the eggs and mixes the shells in the bowl with the yolk. Then the kitty pours a whole bag of sugar in the bowl to make sure the cake is super sweet. Once the cake is mixed the kitty gets really hungry so she puts the temperature up to 500 degrees to bake the cake quickly. Oh no! Kitty ruined the cake!

KittyCake ($KCake) was started as a reflect token set up to reward users in $Cake. It started off with great marketing and enthusiasm, but the founder lacked…

We are excited to announce yet another Spawning Pool with a great partner project;

What is WNOW?

WalletNow is an advanced crypto portfolio monitoring solution. It aggregates all your DeFi & CeFi investments in a searchable table and actively monitors it with an integrated Telegram Bot. With detailed LP information, impermanent loss and yields calculation, you are always in control of your wallet.

Where Did WNOW Come From?

The main dev was simply not satisfied with the current defi wallet aggregators out there currently. …

Panther Swap Post Mortem

The Panther is the king of the Aztec Jungle. The fiercest cat in the wild. The swiftest feline in South America… and the world’s SLOWEST rug pull (maybe, let us explain).

Panther Swap claims to be BNB’s first automatic liquidity acquisition yield farm and automated market maker on BSC. It has 21,000 people on Telegram and 32,000 people on Twitter; a great start for a crypto project. And then things started to get funny.

The developer started strong, but over time has become more and more unavailable until it became clear this thing was not coming…

Zombie Horde, We are excited to introduce our first and ONLY scheduled Trading Competition — exclusively on pancakeswap for the time being. We MAY introduce another contest for our apeswap friends as we are PROUD BUIDL MEMBERS, but we wanted to give some love to our old faithful friends on PCS.

7 Day Trading Volume Contest Beginning on Saturday Sept 4, 2021 12:00AM EST Ending on Friday Sept. 11, 2021 11:59 EST The TOP 15 Traders by volume will receive THIS Custom Zombie Trader NFT.

We are excited to announce our fourth Spawning Pool with a great project; Koala Defi!

What is Koala?

Koala DeFi Finance is a yield farming dapp running on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Chain and ApeSwap exchange, with cool new features that let you earn and win LYPTUS tokens.

The idea behind this project is to create a safe place for conservative farmers. The Koala is a quiet animal, he love eating eucaLYPTUS and sleeping without worrying about is money account (which growing while he sleep ;-) )

Where Did Koala Come From?

Koala was not started to replace other farming…

Rug Zombie

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